Planning Applications


32 Quakers Road, Downend, South Gloucestershire BS16 6JE – Conversion of existing garage into additional living accommodation.


Baugh Barn, Fouracre Crescent, Downend, South Gloucestershire BS16 6PX – Erection of 1 no. dwelling with appearance, landscaping, layout and scale to be determined. (Approval of Reserved Matters to be read in conjunction with outline permission PK16/3679/O). (Resubmission of P19/8661/RM).


Farmlea, 120 Sutherland Avenue, Downend, South Gloucestershire BS16 6QN – Installation of front and rear dormers to facilitate loft conversion.


Willow Shopping Centre, Downend Road, Downend, South Gloucestershire BS16 5UJ – Installation of 1 no. internally illuminated fascia sign, 1 no. internally illuminated hanging sign, 1 no. internally illuminated wall mounted sign, 3 no. non-illuminated hoardings and 35 no. non-illuminated other type signs.


34 Church Lane, Downend, South Gloucestershire BS16 6TB – Works to crown reduce 1 no. Beech tree to leave a height of 9m and radial spread of 4m.  Works also to 1 no. Pine tree to shorten low north facing limb over garage roof by 4m. Both trees covered by KTPO 11/94 and dated 28/11/1994.